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Social Marketing • Prevention Campaigns • Strategic Messaging • Culturally Relevant Outreach

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A Great Team

With a qualified and experienced team, we are here to make your next project a breeze.

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Covian offers services in program evaluation, research, capacity building and communication

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Covian Makes it Easy

We are dedicated to helping small businesses and community based organizations in a multitude of different areas. We have years of experience with extensive research, program evaluation, curriculum development, and more! Learn more about us here.

We know we can help your business be successful in its next endeavor. We appreciate the people we work with, the clients they serve, and the challenges they face.

Our work is driven by our core values


We approach every client and project with sincerity and openness. We only recommend what is in the best interest of the client.


We are open-minded and multidisciplinary. Projects and contexts evolve over time and we are ready to respond to change.


We are committed to quality. Our strategies are based on sound research and community input.


We believe in a participatory process where staff, clients, academics, and community partners are part of an ongoing cycle of planning, training, implementation, and evaluation.

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With years in the field, we have already helped tons of businesses. See the proof of what we can do right here right now!

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